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FireFly Music Video By: TruNeVar


17.8 MB

Music : Live A Lie

By: Default

My idea is to create a video for each episode of FireFly, using clips from only that episode. This video was made from the episode "JaynesTown".

I waited a long time to find a song to go with this episode. I ended up focusing the video on Jayne. Although, he is more or less what the episode is about- I wish I could of used more clips from the rest of the cast. One of my favorite things about the episode is the fact the Inara helped them escape and they never even knew it. But the underlining theme of Jayne being the false hero just overwhelmed everything else. I hope the point gets across. Do enjoy!!

FireFly is COPYRIGHT Twentieth Century Fox . The videos are made for entertainment purposes only. No infringment on FireFly or the music artist was intended. Sometimes it helps to save the vid before watching it.

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